Yoga, Healthy Eating and How to Survive Vegatarianism

What to do when your spouse (wife/husband/significant other) goes insane (vegetarian/vegan).  Or, how to help your significant other cope with you wanting to go vegetarian/vegan.  There are options.


1. Go along for the ride.  Not really.

2. Eat at restaurants exclusively.  While that does have some appeal, there is a certain moment where walking into the restaurant and having your order arrive at the table before you and you realize that maybe you are there too often.

Or there is option 3.


And what is this magic option 3?  Chicken.  Yes, you read that correctly, chicken.  I have found over the years and specifically over the last few months of this little adventure that many vegan and vegetarian dishes are absolutely fabulous…with chicken.  Sometimes it is converting the “meal” to a side dish.  Sometimes it is adding the chicken right in (easiest when eating leftovers).  And here is the best part.  It creates harmony in the house.






What was that?  Not having to give up meat and still creating harmony?  Yep.  And here’s how it goes.


1.         Be supportive of the changes

by racheldragonfly

by racheldragonfly










2.         Be clear that you are not interested in making the same changestretching







3.         Go the chicken route, and make it organic; progress = less resistance… and chickenpotclipart

4.         Offer to help cook









And it really is that easy.  The other thing is to make sure you know what is going into the meal.  That way you know how you want to prep the chicken.  Trust me, chicken with a Mexican/Tex Mex flair added to a dish that is all eastern Asian and tamari sauce (if you don’t know what that is yet, you will; very, very soon) is NOT a good taste combination.


And it is not just chicken, but pork, beef or any other meat can be used.  One of the things that helps me is that my wife is a health coach, an endurance athlete and a Texan.  Every now and again she still craves “animal based protein” for dinner. pigclipart cowclipart


Before closing, I will add my plug for eating local and organic.  I taste the difference.  I like the local/organic option more because of that difference in taste.  This difference in taste was driven home while on a trip to Argentina.  All meats are hormone free (or at least were when I was there).  The difference in the quality and flavor is (wait, wipe drool from mouth) almost unimaginable.  If you haven’t, I recommend trying the organic meats.





Good planning is important, and it is a good excuse to actually talk to your spouse (or them to talk to you) so that may or may not be a bonus.  Plan, match ingredients, chat.  Cooking has always been a great way to connect with family and friends, and even if one of them (we won’t point at her) goes a bit down the unbeaten path, it is still a good way to bond.


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