The 9 Side Effects of Yoga No One Tells You About

Getting fit has side effects.  You feel better, think clearer, look better.  But what about the hidden gems no one talks about?  Running, yoga, martial arts all have knock on effects.  But what are they and will they happen to you?

I read a post on MindBodyGreen ( and I laughed and I cringed.  But it got me thinking and inspired this post.

The things no one tells you about until it’s too late.

1.      As the post that inspired this shows, pooping better and more often.

I’ve read at least four articles lately that defined constipation as being pooping less than once every three days.  I can’t imagine that.  There is no reason that we should be holding onto what our bodies don’t need that long.  My garbage pick-up is twice a week, but that means that I am collecting trash either in my house or in a container outside for up to four days.  No way I want to hold onto something that long in my intestines.

2.      Your willingness to talk about poop increases (no, I still haven’t figured out why).

My first experience with this was through running.  If I’m running with someone for three plus hours, I do eventually start running low on things to talk about.  Bodily functions of all sorts come up.  I did a three and a half hour run with five women once.  Let me just say, I’m scarred; and I know more about the female reproductive and birth experience than anyone outside of an OBGYN ever should.

3.      Your favorite indulgence foods become distasteful.

This one took me by surprise the first (few) times it happened.  You can fight like I did, or just go with it.  This is actually two changes.  First, you are becoming aware of your body and what it’s trying to tell you.  Second, your body is telling you to stop eating garbage.

4.      You walk by healthy foods you would never have considered before and think YUM!

See number three above.  The strangest cravings overtake you at the oddest times.  My advice is just roll with it.

5.      You start thinking differently.

This is a little trickier than the food.  Little thoughts sneak into your head.  Being helpful at times you might have ignored, news stories having a different impact or even encounters with friends, family or coworkers start feeling differently.  Self-awareness feels weird at first, but it’s worth it.

6.      You laugh more.

I like this one because of an opinion I’ve made over the years.  People who are truly enlightened (for lack of a better word) are funny.  They have a good sense of humor.  The Dalai Lama is my favorite example.  He’s funny.  He cracks jokes.  He’s one of the people I look up to.  People who pretend to be more than they are, have no sense of humor.  They have too much to fear.

7.      You make new friends.

You start making friends that are way outside your normal circles.  Not only do they become your friends, you find that you make a deeper connection with these people.

8.      Your old friends think you are crazy.

Not to say you’ll lose these old friends, but some of them will think you’re out of your mind.  Some will be jealous.  Most of them will secretly (or overtly) think you’re courageous and marvel at how you do it.

9.      You like the new you.

My favorite thing to say to my wife when any of the above show up in my life; “I have become the people I used to make fun of.”  And that is true, I have.  It’s also true that I like me more now than I did then.  I’m happier, I have less stress and more tools to deal with life and the stuff it throws at me.

I mention these things not to scare anyone off, but to forewarn you.  Getting into any sort of physical regimen will do you a world of good.  Some changes may not be expected.  Hang on and enjoy the ride.

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